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Uninstall unneeded applications and remove leftovers
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marcia Nice to get rid of other files that come with programs that normally hide in files somewhere, collecting dust, clogging up the hard drives, slowing the system down, this solves it.

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Michelle Brilliant! Had Muvic Smartbar Engine installed without knowing, and tried all sorts of malware protection progarmmes and none of them helped.

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Kolappan Nathan

Kolappan Nathan It is a very good uninstaller.
It almost removes all the left over files.

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Alan Hurst

Alan Hurst Good product! I use it a lot.

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TheLaw The best uninstaller ever. I will never use anything else instead.

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monk This app does the fine job uninstalling applications.

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monk Does a fine job uninstalling applications.

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Willie Maughan

Willie Maughan It has a set of cleaning tools like most programs but it's uninstaller is very impressive

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Guest The best of the best.

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Guest this one would not work on my pc

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JH Five Poor Reasons to use Corel Ventura:
1. You have been using it since it came out.
2. You or the business you work for does not see the need to upgrade either software or hardware.
3. There is no reason to consider upgrading as it works fine in its own limited way to your strictly limited specifications.
4. There are a lot of old files saved in the Ventura format which would be cost and time prohibitive to recreate from scratch.
5. The idea something could possibly be better than Corel Ventura is more revolting to you than using motor oil to wash down a styrofoam peanut sandwich.
If you fall under those catagories - have fun with Corel Ventura.

Good reasons _NOT_ to use Corel Ventura (especially if you're new to graphic design):
1. No upgrades since 2002; None anticipated. Runs poorly, if at all in newer versions of Windows.
2. Poor documentation and virtually no support / classes / reference books for new users.
3. No support from "Development Team" following crashes - which happens often in large, complex documents.
4. Does not follow common standards used by more widely-used programs (Quark Xpress, InDesign) which do have wide online support / classes / reference books.
5. Cost prohibitive; "New" copies cost about the same as Quark Xpress, InDesign, but delivers far less capacities.
6. Simplistic font controls.
7. Poor typographic functions.
8. Poor color controls.
9. Poor export capacities.
10. Limited file import capacities; does not work well (if at all) with newer file formats from Adobe, Corel or Microsoft.
11. Labor-intensive to learn and use.
12. Not recognised as an option by most professional printers or Service Bureaus. (common response: "You're using what?")
13. Limits on page count, table sizes,complex page / table design, screen refreshes.
14. Poorly implemented find / replace capacities.
15. Copy editor unable to be used for editing copy placed in tables. Copy editor is also the only place where invisible characters and codes unique to Ventura may be viewed.
16. Limited line / Frame rule options.
17. Opentype fonts are not easily used or recognised.
18. No build-in graphic effects (feathered edges, drop shadows, transparencies)
19. Poorly designed user interface; many important functions are buried within multiple dialog boxes. Does not resemble or behave like modern user interfaces in applications from Adobe, Microsoft or Corel.
20. Modifications are not always saved - even when saving is done more often than the buggy auto-save feature.
21. Bulky backup and auto save files fill up your hard drive in addition to the bloated primary files you are working on.
22. Cannot easily crop or rotate images within the program; this must be done to the source material outside the program, or there will be problems in output.
23. Different commands to "UNDO" text and table adjustments.
24. Unable to effectively share complex documents between two slightly different Windows computers with slightly different settings.
25. Native files are totally incompatable with anything but Ventura, whether you are on a PC, a Mac or using Linux.
26. Tends to crash unexpectedly, whether it is a simple copy and paste command or when you are trying to do something 'creative'.
27. No layers.
28. Where there are multiple paragraph or character tags (style sheets in modern terms) text formatting is rarely retained when copying one block of text, or an entire chapter from one document to another, even if they are both based on the same original templates.
29. Inability to make 'minor' adjustments to tighten up copy or page counts.
30. Paragraph / Character tags (style sheets) do not work all the time, resulting in inconsistant font display; there are no object style sheets to speak of.

Make no mistake - in its day, Corel Ventura was a powerful program to create text-based documents - but to keep it on a list of desktop publishing programs merely because it is available via some channels, is like keeping a Geo Metro (last made in 2001) on a listing of new fuel-efficient cars. Corel Ventura is much like an old axe, still available and fine for cutting down trees - but a chain saw will do the same job in less time and with much less effort.

For those hoping Corel will somehow ressurect Ventura, that is not in the cards if you have been paying attention - Corel nearly went out of business in 2009 before its shares were bought up by private investors, who then laid off about 20% of the staff. Before and since, Corel's exposure in the tech media has been a mere footnote. smile

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Guest excellent

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BullBash Super

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efw windows xp installed gta sa smile

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Scott G.

Scott G. What causes the following message to come up every time I boot up my Dell Precision M4400 ------) "Dell Control Point System Manager" ------) "your battery is able to change normally. However, you may begin to notice reduced operating time because your long term battery life is decreasing"

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